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Weekend Masses
4:00 PM - St. Rose

7:30 AM - St. Rose of Lima
9:00 AM - St. Mark
10:30 AM - St. Rose of Lima
12:00 PM - St. Mark

Weekday Masses
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
7:00 AM - St. Mark
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
8:00 AM - St. Rose of Lima

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Welcome to the Parishes of Saint Mark & Saint Rose of Lima

Letter from our Pastor

Dear Friends,
 Many congratulations and blessing to Dr. Timothy Haley, wife Melissa, and their daughters  Mary and Elizabeth.  Tim was ordained on Saturday, May 21st, at St. Joseph’s Cathedral as a Permanent Deacon.  Dr. Haley  has  studied  and  prepared  for  many  years  for  this  day.    This  is  a wonderful gift to our community!  Deacon  Tim will, hopefully, be serving with us here in our parishes.  God Bless you!
 This  week  marks  40  Days  since  Easter,  and  the  church  celebrates  a
Holy Day of Obligation:  Feast of the Ascension. In addition to the regular  8  a.m.  Mass  on  Thursday,  May  26th  at  St.  Rose,  there  will  be  addtional  Masses  in  honor  of  the  Holy  Day.    There  will  be  a  4  p.m.  Vigil Mass  at  Assumption  on  Wednesday,  the  25th,  a  7  a.m.  Mass  on  Thursday at St. Mark, and a 12 noon Mass on Thursday at St. Rose.   
  Wishing you a blessed week.  May the beauty of Spring fill your hearts
with much love and many blessings.
  In Christ’s love,
 Fr. Joe

Dear Friends,

Many congratulations and blessing to Dr. Timothy Haley, wife Melis-
sa, and their daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Tim was ordained on Sat-
urday, May 21st, at St. Josephs Cathedral as a Permanent Deacon. Dr.
Haley has studied and prepared for many years for this day. This is a
wonderful gift to our community! Deacon Tim will, hopefully, be serv-

In Christs love,

Fr. Joe
Led by our Shepherd & Pastor Fr. Joseph Rogliano, the parishes of St. Mark and St. Rose of Lima serve the spiritual needs of Roman Catholics from North Buffalo and beyond. Linked since the Fall of 2010, the parishes operate independently, however over time, they are gelling into a North Buffalo Community of Faith. If you are seeking a place to find spiritual fulfillment, we encourage you to visit one of our parishes for a weekend mass. We believe you will find a vibrant community where all are welcome and where you will find yourself quickly at home.


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News & Upcoming Events

Our Mission

The parishes of St. Mark and St. Rose of Lima were linked together in the Fall of 2010, in accordance with the Journey in Faith & Grace. The parishes operate independently. although with a great deal (and increasing instances) of collaboration.

While some day the parish councils may come together to write a joint Mission Statement, it may be difficult to improve on the one that we can find in Matthew:

Going therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. Mt. 28: 19-20.