Young at Heart

Young at Heart


The purpose of this organization is to build a closer relationship among its members and the community and to provide the members with social, educational, spiritual, creative and recreational activities.


New members are accepted at any meeting.  Required age of applicant is 50 or older.  Dues are $5.00 per year from September to August.  Leadership is provided by officers, president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, who are chosen by the membership by vote at the last meeting each year.


Meetings are held every other month, on the third Wednesday, beginning each September and ending in July. Elections are held at the July meeting.


Speakers from a variety of community sources are invited to attend the meetings and provide information about opportunities to individually support said community sources through a donation of time or money.  As a club, membership will not become involved in any community service as its members already are busy with volunteerism or with family needs. Therefore, this club is a respite from daily activities and a source of enjoyment and camaraderie.  


Many members through the years have worked diligently on parish activities such as bingo, guild, home school, holy name, parish council, religious education etc.  They are continuing to serve as lectors and eucharistic ministers, workers for the lionheart auction, and as members of the parish neighbors group.


We have hosted seminars from the buffalo citizens services, county of erie department of senior services, and parkside community and honored an outstanding community member, frank messiah.


Our only fundraising event was our first bi-annual “champagne brunch”; a gift gathering party to benefit our lionheart auction-it was a huge success with over 80+ members in attendance!


In so doing, many know each other quite well and welcome the opportunity to enjoy the club’s activities together.  New acquaintances are always welcome and soon become friends!


Teresa Nash, 2010-2011 President, (716) 446-1493