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Our Parish Histories

St. Mark

Bishop Colton formally founded the Parish of St. Mark on June 25, 1908. It's first Pastor was Rev. John J McMahon, and initially there were 32 families. The current church structure was built in 1914. The school was dedicated 10/16/1921, at which time the parish had grown to 275 families.

The Parish has been a prolific producer of Bishops, including Parishioner and graduate Bishop Trautman of Erie Pa.


Rev. John McMahon 1908 - 1928

Rev. Robert Walsh 1928 - 1937

Rev. F. Garvey (admin) 1937

Rev. Charles E. Duffy 1937 - 1942

Rev. Joseph A. Burke 1942 - 1952

Rev. Edward J Walker (admin) 1952

Rev. Eugene A. Loftus 1953 - 1970

Rev. Willam J Grant 1970 - 1975

Reb. Robert G Ochs 1975 - 1980

Rev. Francis Braun 1980 - 2010

Rev. Joseph S. Rogliano 2010 - Present

St. Rose of Lima

On November 23, 1925, a declaration was signed by Bishop William Turner establishing St. Rose of Lima Church, and Fr. George Crimmen was appointed its first Pastor. Following the declaration, construction of the rectory and the combination building of church, school and auditorium commenced. St. Rose of Lima School opened on September 13, 1926 with 161 students in grades 1-seven. Three Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and one lay teacher comprised the staff. The Grey Nuns, who arrived in the United States in 1921, had a presence at St. Rose from 1928-1998. In 1928 the first class graduated with 15 boys and 17 girls receiving diplomas.

Following the opening of the school, construction of the rectory was completed on November 3, 1926. The second floor of the combination building was dedicated as the church on November 21, 1926. The parish and surrounding neighborhood expanded rapidly during the subsequent years, and summer picnics, night football games, annual outdoor masses, lawn fetes, block club parties and dinners were popular parish events.